Time to Capture Photos for You AND Your Brand 

Attention all you creative geniuses out there – I've got a plan that's tailor-made for your artistic whims! Whether you're striking poses for those headshots that scream "I'm professional and approachable," or you're building a brand so fierce that even your coffee mug has its own logo – count me in! I'm not just a photographer; I'm your enthusiastic accomplice in capturing your creative escapades. From epic events to spontaneous "aha" moments, let's team up and make visual magic happen. So, dust off your beret and let's create some photographic masterpieces together!

1 Hour Session 

Feeling like a lost pixel in the vast digital universe? No worries, I've got your back like a trusty Wi-Fi connection! Whether you're sipping coffee with a furrowed brow, posing like a rock star sealing the deal, or doing the classic "I'm-so-relaxed-working-at-the-table" vibe, I've got the lens aimed and ready. Think of me as your personal brand image genie – here to make your photos pop like bubble wrap and your clients fall head over heels for you and your work. So, grab that coffee (or your chosen caffeinated concoction), let's fire up those brain cells, and together, we'll launch your biz to the big leagues with photos that practically shout, "I'm awesome, hire me!" 🚀📸


Sophia Brand

Mini Session

Got half an hour to spare? Perfect! Let's buckle down and conquer that photo session like we're on a mission. We'll be in and out like ninjas, armed with cameras instead of nunchucks. Whether it's nailing those smart professional shots, capturing your genius at work, or just proving that you and the camera are best buddies – consider it done. We'll make those 30 minutes count and leave with shots so sharp, they could double as office supplies. Ready to rock this express photoshoot? Let's do it! 📸💥


Sophia Brand