5: Five Pro Tips for Fabulous Family Photos in the Twin Cities


As the leaves put on their dazzling display, it's the perfect time to gather your favorite people for some autumn magic in the Twin Cities. Mini sessions are in full swing, and being with families in this Metro area has been an absolute delight. From brand-new families cradling their first bundle of joy to the seasoned pros with their mini-me entourage, it's pure joy, mamas! In fact, to make sure everyone has a blast, I've whipped up 5 tips to guarantee a photoshoot that's not just fabulous but leaves everyone feeling like a million bucks.

1. **Early Birds Get the Best Shots:**
Yep, I'm a morning person, and chances are, your kiddos are too. Plus, the lighting is on point. Don't hesitate to request that 8 am slot – I'm all about making it work for you!

2. **Fashion Forward Fun:**
Forget matching outfits – let's coordinate and show off your unique styles. Mix solids with patterns, but stick to similar color families. Earth tones, jewel tones, pastels – whatever makes you feel fantastic. And make sure you're comfortable, whether you're twirling in a dress or striking a pose in your favorite jeans.

Sophia Family

3. **Picture-Perfect Planning:**
Think about where these pics will live. Wall art? Match your home's color palette or switch it up with the seasons. Picture a family photo over the fireplace with a spring/summer vibe, then switch it out for a warmer feel in the colder months.

4. **Location Lovin':**
Pick a spot that's special to your clan. I've got some stellar suggestions, but if your family has a soft spot for a particular park or reserve, let's make the magic happen there. Those photos will be extra special!

5. **Essential Supplies:**
Pack wisely – snacks, wipes, and, of course, a brush and extra hair ties. Windy day? No problem. Bring extra powder and lipstick for those touch-ups, especially when the sun's blazing.

Now, it's showtime! 

My job: to guide you to the perfect spots for that golden glow.

Your job? Have fun, enjoy each other, and don't stress if the kiddos are a bit unruly. The more chilled you are, the more relaxed the little ones will be!

Family photos are a big deal, but they should be stress-free. With these tips, I want you to feel confident that our time together will result in memories you'll absolutely adore. Snag your spot before those leaves hit the ground – message me for an appointment. You won't believe what we can capture in just 20-30 minutes! 📸🍂✨

*Until next time, keep smiling and snapping!* 😊✨

With love,
Sophia Huber 🌹


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